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The Number 6 Show is

an eclectic podcast radio-type show that plays all types of music. It is not unusual to hear a polka followed by a heavy metal song followed by an opera piece and then maybe a punk anthem or a ska dancehall stomper. If you listen long enough (perhaps more than 30 seconds) you are guaranteed to hear something you will not like. The following is your mission (should you care to accept it.)

Challenge #1

It is good to have favorites. The goal of listening to an eclectic show like the NUMBER 6 SHOW is NOT to disavow making judgments about what you hear. Quite the contrary. You are acquiring knowledge of different forms of music that exist in the cosmos. It is GOOD to identify what appeals to you; what you like! By the same logic, it is good to identify what you DON'T like as well. Priority 1 is KNOW THYSELF! Notice what you like and what you love. Hearing new good music is like discovering a new friend that can be a source of happiness every time you hear it. BUT, learning what repels you, what you hate, is NOT a harm to you. Unlike discovering enemies who mean harm to you, finding songs you consider bad cannot hurt you. In fact, the new information helps you understand yourself. That's good.

Challenge #2

Discover WHY you like a song and why you DON'T like a song. What makes a song sound HARSH to you? Why do you think it sounds BORING? What elements make a song too SOFT? Why is it grating? Or annoying? All complex conclusions you make are reactions to elements in the song. What simpler characteristics lead to the bad (or good) reactions you have? Are you disagreeing with the theme of a song? Do the lyrics piss you off? Or do you hate the style? What is it about the style that makes you angry? Is there a specific instrumentation or musical technique that drives you crazy?

Challenge #3

Discover what the artist could have done to make a bad song good. Is there anything YOU could do to make this good or useful to you? If the subject of an angry song is actually something or someone you really find annoying, does it make the song seem better? What if the song's tempo was changed or instrumentation was different? If you look at the song as proof of the artist's inane vacuous nature, an ironic twist, does it seem better to you? What if the song is compared and contrasted to other songs; viewed by it's connection to an overarching theme? Find the thing that connects it  - or reveals it's problems - with other songs in the cosmos. Examine and learn how to make crap into roses!

This part of ABOUT US was written by Professor Pritchett Stickupmybutt (honorific laureate from Medfield College.) Recommended to us by Doctor Butcher and completely discredited after being caught in compromising situations with a co-ed at the College Mixer. (We would've rejected it, but it cost us money.) 

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.

Number 6

Owner & CEO

This "guy" narrates the show. Decides on all the playlists. Shells out all the bucks. It is rumored that he isn't really a person, but actually our server, that became sentient after a freak lightning storm. No one believes that is his real image. It looks too much like Salvador Dali.

Doctor Butcher


Peon assigned to the show by Slaughterhouse Editing. Sociopath who tries to do as little work as possible. Doctor Butcher hates censoring or editing ANYTHING (which is really strange since that is his job). He's a pretty big jerk most of the time, but whaddya gonna do?

Rufus T. Webmaster

Web Bureaucrat, & Kitchen Staff Supervisor

Refuses to give credentials. Handles ALL website matters. All show correspondence goes through him, which explains why you may have difficulty getting any messages to us. He knows and liaisons all interactions with our lawyer and our public. Real last name withheld.

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